Using Jogging Stroller to Lose Weight

Jogging strollers are one of the best ways to lose weight and regain pre-pregnancy body in a healthier way. It becomes a complete fun when your child is also involved in this enjoyable exercise routine. Unlike traditional strollers, babies feel more comfortable in jogging strollers even when you jog on the bumpy surfaces. Invented by Philip Baechler in 1983, jogging strollers have become a popular way of fitness and to lose weight along with making your baby happy. You are going to take your baby for a stroll anyways and these strollers are also the best way to introduce your baby to the excitement of exercising outdoors.

Before you stick to a routine exercise with a baby stroller, you must know that your baby should be least six months old and be able to sit. This is so because before six months, baby’s neck is not strong enough to be taken for a run in a stroller. You can walk with your baby in the stroller but then the purpose of exercising with a stroller is not served. Jogging stroller come in a wide range and are quite expensive as well. So before you select one, it is important to choose carefully and select that suits best to your lifestyle. If you want to know how to choose the best jogging stroller for you, here are some safety measures that you can look into before selecting one you are looking for:

  1. Wheels: Wheels are an essential part of a stroller. So they should be strong and if they come with large tires and air-filled like those we see in bicycles, they give you little speed even on bumpy pavements while your baby is still safe in the stroller.
  2. Wrist Strap: These straps are important because baby should not get separated from the stroller even when you jog fast.
  3. Deep Seated Strollers: If you are buying a stroller especially for fast walking, you need to buy one with a deep seat. This is essential for the extra safety of your baby.
  4. Adjustable Handlebar: Buy a stroller that perfectly complements your height or one that has adjustable handlebar. This way you will save yourself from bending down or stretching uncomfortably while you move around. Pushing of the stroller should be effortless as it makes you focus more on your walking.
  5. Front Lock Wheel: When in store or a mall, a traditional stroller needs to be spin sharply but a jogging stroller must have a front wheel lock. The lock will not let the stroller slip accidently to different positions when you jog. You can immediately press the lock button if you feel it is slipping to the left or right.

Jogging strollers are little expensive as the pricing depends a lot on the features they carry. The weight capacity of the stroller is also a deciding factor of the price. More the weight, more durable is the stroller and it can be used from infancy to childhood. When you are done with your exercise, the folded stroller should fit in a cabinet or a trunk.