What Are The Main CFD Trading Advantages?

Contract for difference (CFD) trading is a highly popular option to consider when you want to diversify your investment portfolio. It is very easy to increase losses and profits if you make good choices. Such a trading approach drastically increased in the past 10 years. CFDs trading is more popular than ever and this is mainly because of the countless advantages that appear. The most important ones are those that are presented below.

High Trade Leverage

With the traditional investment options, you need to commit your entire capital to trading when a position is opened. For instance, when you want to buy stocks in the value of $1,000, this is the amount of money that you need.

With CFD trading, margin requirement is usually really low. Sometimes, it is as low as 5%. This practically means that you just need to invest $50 when you want to open a position worth $1,000. Such a trading leverage is a huge opportunity that numerous investors take advantage of right now.

Can Earn With Bull And Bear Markets

As a trader working with CFD trading, you can open positions during both falling and rising markets. You can thus capitalize on all market fluctuations. Instantly, you are faced with a high flexibility. The control you have is high and you can always make a profit, no matter how the market goes.

Highly Flexible Lot Sizes

CFD positions have a high volatility so brokers give you access to flexible trade size opportunities. Many different trader ranges are accommodated, including both beginners and professionals. Even casual traders that just want to experiment while being exposed to low risk can trade. Lot sizes can be increased when you get better with the strategy you use.

Low Trading Costs

CFD brokerage fees are very cost-effective when compared with the usual trading methods. Usually, the brokers draw earnings from percentages gained by clients. As an example, if you spend $50 to open the position worth $1,000, a small fee will be charged to cover the difference. Also, the payment system involves a spread. Make sure that you check the fee schedule of the broker before you sign up for an account.

Lack Of Expiration Date

CFDs cannot depreciate as time passes, which makes them unique on the market. Also, there are no expiration dates. Restrictions are fewer when it comes to closing positions, especially when compared with investment types like futures.

As a trader, you can be patient as long positions are taken. The day trader cannot find benefits in such a schedule but if your goal is long-term investments, you can clearly see how contracts for difference can work.


As you can see, CFDs give you access to many interesting advantages. Many others can be highlighted but those above are more than enough. Just make sure that you always have a strategy when you trade CFDs in order to protect yourself and increase the possibility of success. Just as with any investment, the more you know, the higher the possibility of making a profit.