What are the things to know before buying Moissanite rings?

Moissanite has become a favorite choice among the couples not only because of its affordability but also of its beauty and sustainability. Moissanite is a deadly combination of science and art. It is grown in labs under suitable temperature and is environment-friendly. It can be shaped as per your desire which is not possible in diamonds. This means that customers get a chance to choose different styles.  Looking for the best engagement ring? Try forever one Moissanite because that is the best!

But what is important is that people need to consider several factors to make a better choice. In this article, some of the checklists have been mentioned for your understanding.

Things to consider before purchasing Moissanite engagement rings:

Before discussing the tips on how to purchase Moissanite rings, buyers need to understand the 4C’s.

  • Cut– It can be defined as shapes, patterns, proportions, or symmetry. This is an important part because the shape will determine the light reflection from the stone.
  • Color– The best part about Moissanite ring is that it is available in two colors: colorless and near-colorless. They are also available in different colors. This precious stone will never fade its shade.
  • Character– Every piece of Moissanite has a personal unique character which makes it exceptional from the other metals.
  • Conscience– When you are opting Moissanite for an engagement ring, you are indulging yourself in making a sound decision.

Now that you have understood the 4Cs of a Moissanite ring, now you should take a look at the things that you need to consider before choosing Moissanite engagement rings.

  • Determine the budget– It has been a tradition to exchange diamond rings on wedding engagements. But now the concept has changed because people are shifting to cheaper alternatives without compromising on the quality. The best thing about Moissanite rings is that it has a brilliant shine and looks similar to diamond. This is one of the reasons why most couples who have budget constraints have shifted their focus to Moissanite. Diamond is much more expensive than Moissanite- three or four times more than the cost of Moissanite. So it is important for the buyers to first know their budget limit and then make the final choice. The cost of Moissanite will vary depending upon the cut, size and shape. So budget estimation is a crucial step before making the purchase.
  • Sustainability of the ring– Though Moissanite is lab-grown and a sustainable choice, customers need to understand whether the entire ring is sustainable or not. The gem is lab-grown but what about the side stones? It is important to consider if the side stones are also ethically produced. Consider the metal type and check if it can be recycled or not! If you want the whole ring to be sustainable, it needs to be ensured that the whole ring is sustainable.
  • Cost of the ring– Another important thing to consider is the cost of the ring. Buyers need to have a good knowledge of the cost of the Moissanite ring. The cost of the ring will be equal to the cost of the stone, as well as the ring setting. Unless you are a jewelry expert, it’s not possible to distinguish between a Moissanite and diamond. However, as far as price is concerned, Moissanite is less expensive. However, the cost will depend on various factors – carat weight, cut grading, and clarity as well. For instance, the cost of one carat and nearly colorless diamond is $5000. When the same is compared to a Moissanite, you’ll have to pay $600 only.

These are the factors that need consideration before purchasing Moissanite engagement rings. However, if you are planning to buy a Moissanite ring for regular use purposes, there are various other things that buyers may want to know.

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The Resale value of Moissanite

As far as the resale value is concerned, the classical Moissanite doesn’t have any resale market. This is because no buyers would want to purchase used rings. However, if you check the current resale portals, you’ll find that Moissanite rings (both colorless and near-colorless) are available. So the resale value of Moissanite is in its infant stage at the moment and it’ll surely prosper in the future.

The Longevity of the stone

Moissanite can last forever as it is a durable and sturdy gem. It scores 9.25 on the hardness scale. So if you’re wondering whether to choose diamond or Moissanite- you can choose both as both will last longer.

Is it ethically grown?

 Absolutely! Moissanite is ethically grown because it is grown in labs under favorable conditions. It is manmade and unlike natural diamonds, Moissanite is not found miles under the earth’s surface- meaning to say that there’s no need for mining and no pollution while digging it out.  While mining, huge machines, and equipment are used causing too much pollution and also poses a threat to the surrounding natural habitat. Besides this, the laborers are also exposed to certain hazardous conditions.

Why Moissanite is cheaper than a diamond?

Finding a Moissanite center is difficult because of extreme differences in price. Compared to the colorless or the near-colorless Moissanite rings, the classical Moissanite is cheaper for obvious reasons. Classical Moissanite is not as beautiful as the other options. Another reason is that unlike diamonds, there’s no scarcity of Moissanite as they are grown in labs. But diamonds on the other hand, are found in nature and have to be extracted through mining. This is one of the reasons why diamond is one of the expensive stones. If you are planning to buy a Moissanite ring, make sure that you choose the one that is of high quality, for example, the forever one Moissanite rings.

These are some of the essential things that you need to consider before making a purchase. Diamond will always be diamond but if you are looking for cost-effective options without making any compromise on the quality should go for Moissanite stones. They can sustain longer and has a greater brilliance than a diamond.