What Is a Martial Settlement Agreement?

Although most people know what a separation or prenuptial agreement is for those that are married or thinking about getting married, many have never heard of a marital agreement. This document is drawn up by an attorney in an uncontested divorce. Here are just a few of the many topics that can be covered under a marital settlement agreement.

Child Support

One of the most important parts of a marital settlement agreement Tampa is the court-ordered support owed for children. The expenses covered can include health care, clothing, food, education, housing, and utilities. Other factors the judge may consider can include electronics, entertainment, and extracurricular activated.

Property Division

Depending on the state the divorce takes place in, the property considered to be communal is often divided equally by a judge in an uncontested divorce. If prenuptial or separation agreements are in place, the equitable distribution of property is sometimes void, and the terms of both agreements are left standing if they are just.

Separation of Debt

The discharging of debt can often be difficult in a divorce. This is especially true if one of the parties is assigned a debt and does not pay his or her portion of the bills. Creditors can be relentless in their pursuit of payment, so the best thing to do is return to the family court judge and request enforcement of the divorce agreement.

Legal Name Change

After a divorce, women often change their name back to their maiden or pre-marriage name. While this was once true of only the rich or famous, it has become common place. Separation of bank accounts, retirement funds, and other legal documents and accounts can then be distinguished from the mutual property after a divorce.

A marital separation agreement is a legal and binding document approved by the court upon acceptance of the terms of an uncontested divorce. It can be used to spell out the rights of both parties and the children involved.