If you are planning your first cruise tour, you might be feeling slightly anxious about what to expect while you are on board the cruise ship. This brief guideline will inform you on everything you should expect and how to handle yourself on your first cruise tour.

  1. Expect to walk a lot on that first day

During that first day, when the cruise ship is embarking on its journey, expect to do a lot of walking on the ship. In addition, you will also stand in line quite a few times with the rest of the guests. Owing to all the physical movements you will be making on this first day, it is imperative that you wear light, comfortable clothes and shoes that will not impede your movement in any way, shape, or form.

However, research on the weather temperatures beforehand so that you know whether to expect weather changes or not. A sudden rain storm, or decrease in weather temperature can happen while you are exploring the ship. Having on heavier clothing will protect you from the sudden cold brought on by these changes in weather.

  1. When to expect your luggage

When you arrive at the pier where the ship is docked, a porter will take your luggage. In most instances, you will find your luggage in your cabin a few hours after boarding the cruise ship. For instance, with the Bali Cruise Tour, you are more than likely to receive your luggage in your cabin before dinner time.

However, there is always the chance of delay, or some of your bags arriving later than the others, and because of this, it is important to pack a carry-on with most of your essentials on that first day on board. These essentials include any medication that needs to be close to your person at any given instance. A bathing suit, electronic devices, valuables,, and a change of clothes should also be in your carry on just in case you have to wait until after dinner in order to get the rest of your luggage.

  1. When to access your cabin

Each cabin is usually prepared and cleaned for the guests on the day that the cruise ship embarks on its journey. When the cruise crew is done with prepping the rooms, an announcement will come through the public address system. If while you are exploring the ship on that first day, you find sections of the hallways closed off from the guests, it probably means that the cabins are being serviced.

  1. What activities to undertake

Being on a cruise ship for the first time or even for the first few times might be a bit overwhelming especially when it comes to determining which activities to undertake on that embarkation day. You are bound to feel lost, just like any person would in a foreign land. Luckily for you, most cruise organizers send newsletters to their guests beforehand or hand them over to you as soon as you board. The newsletter will include a comprehensive itinerary of the activities you can partake in every day of the cruise including the first one. It will also offer directions on where to eat as well as the entertainment spots within the ship. Go through the itinerary thoroughly in order to have a clear sense of what activities you can and cannot engage in during the embarkation day.

In all likelihood, the first activity you will do when you board the ship is to partake in some lunch. After that, you can indulge in some swimming, walk around the ship to get a better feel of your new surroundings, as well as enjoy a tropical drink or two.