Why should a Virtual Staging Company NOT do these Things?

If you have already approached a virtual staging company, we are sure you are quite excited. You must have already hired a good photographer, who clicked amazing pictures of the property you want to sell, and then sent the images to the team of a reputed virtual staging company. Along with the pictures, you must have submitted the floor plan of your house as well because without that, the team can’t make realistic additions to the pictures. Unless they know what exactly can fit in the rooms of the apartment you wish to sell or rent out, they can’t work on the images you provide them with.

However, you should know that there are a few things that such a company should never do for you. In fact, even if the company agrees to do for you, you should understand that it is totally unethical and you are only going to do wrong to the people who would fall in love with the designing of the pictures of the apartment you are selling and visit to purchase the same. In the end, if they don’t like what they see for real, they are going to get disappointed.

Here is a list of things that a virtual staging company should not do:

  • It should not change the look of your house in any manner: If you want the team to change the look of your house, that’s unethical. The members need to only add furniture and home décor items and not change the house completely.
  • It should not let you promote the pictures without letting the audience know that they are staged: You have to let people know that the images are virtually staged and not real.
  • It should never hide the special features of your house: The features of the house should not be modified or edited or hid.
  • It should not edit the images: Need we say more?
  • It should not change the real photos that have been shared by you: The team has no right to change the real photos that are shared with them.

Now that you know what such a company must know do, make sure you don’t tell the team to manipulate anything. In the end, the visitors are not going to buy the apartment, or property, if they are not satisfied. They would feel cheated.