Beginner FAQs: What to Do in Your First Eyelash Extensions Procedure?

Are you still having second doubts about getting eyelash extensions in Singapore anytime soon? Well, it could be your best option if you want to have longer and thicker lashes you can flaunt in an instant! You may only have such worries if it’ll be your first time and still clueless about what you should expect on your first cosmetic procedure.

It will help if you ask around your household as you may have relatives who recently got their eyelash extensions. You can seek advice on what you should expect on your first-ever lash appointment. You may never know; they might also endorse you to their go-to studio that you can also visit soon.

Never forget about your peers who can share with you their experiences with eyelash experts in Singapore. Ask them for some tips you can use as you search for trusted ones that can provide your much-needed lash designs and styles. They might also recommend you to their trusted professionals, so grab such opportunities while you still can.

It would also be great to do your research about these cosmetic studios to learn more about them. You may search for “eyelash extensions near me” to visit one personally for your queries and concerns. Better yet, look for review sites that can already provide all your needed answers with only a few clicks on their platform.

Nonetheless, start with the most fundamental way to forego your worries about getting any lash extensions procedure – look for valid reasons why you should get one today. You can focus more on its benefits to you and your well-being in the long run. Besides, you may only want the best from it, that’s why you decide to try it anyway.


“More” Benefits from Your Temporary Lashes

One of the main reasons sought by beauty enthusiasts getting eyelash extensionsis to have a livelier and fuller eye appearance. You may be one of them that also depends on this sole purpose on why you should experience it also. But aside from it, here are “more” benefits you can earn from your temporary lashes soon:


More Style

It may be similar to your only reason above, but getting lash extensions in Singapore can also make you look more elegant than usual. You can explore into having natural to fashionable ones that will turn heads for sure! You can even fulfil your dreams to look like your favourite celebrities and have the same lashes you admire from them.

Some studios even have eyelash extensionsthat only require minimal grooming and still leave anyone who sees you in awe. These include designs with eyeliner and mascara effects that are common nowadays. You may only need to inform them about your requests to get the perfect lashes you need.

More Savings

It is also a common notion among first-timers like you that eyelash extension procedures are expensive. Well, it may apply if you’ll get them from fancy studios offering you their costly services and products. But these add-ons – lavish or not – can save you more than what you’re expecting from them in general.

Begin with the savings you can get from not buying cosmetic products for your lashes if you already have stylish eyelash extensions. It also saves you time on wearing your make-up every time you need to get ready. More than anything else, you keep yourself away from the tedious work of touching up to impress everyone you’re meeting.

More Secured

Lash extensionsare also non-invasive cosmetic procedures that will guarantee you an improved appearance in an instant. You no longer need to worry about cuts, stitches, and wounds to get your desired look. They may even finish your appointment within several hours if you happen to choose an uncomplicated style.

But if you want to be more secured, you can go online and search for studios that use specialized adhesives for your delicate eyes. These include options that will not leave any sting or irritation during the procedure. You may only need to be specific and look for “eyelash extensions near me for sensitive eyes.”

More Confidence

Eyelash extension studios also boost your confidence even before you begin with your procedure of choice. But how do they do such self-assuring and uplifting practice? Well, they usually give their clients the freedom to choose their desired style, look, and designs right from the get-go.

Look for a studio that allows you to customize your eyelash extensionsbased on your preferences and liking. Pick your wanted length, thickness, and curl for your needed lash add-ons. But it would still be advisable that you seek their help to get the pair that will enhance your eyes naturally.

More Opportunities

It may surprise you at first but be ready for more opportunities to open due to your new lash extensions. These may involve your chances of gaining more connections that will lead to job offers and bring you to your dream career eventually. You may even get to step out of your comfort zone and explore more with your new eyelashes.

Now that you have “more” perks awaiting you on your first eyelash extensions procedure, then there’s no need to delay it even further! Look for your go-to studio now and schedule your initial appointment the soonest. You may only need to prepare for it beforehand to ensure your flawless cosmetic transformation with lash experts.


Questions to Ask Before Your Appointment

It may again be difficult if you’re clueless about how you should prepare for your new eyelash extensions in Singapore. Some tips and advice might help, but are they enough to get you by your upcoming cosmetic procedure? Focus on getting answers first on these common queries before confirming your first appointment with any studio soon:


Question # 1: Will they hurt?

Begin with the most frequently asked question concerning any cosmetic procedure done today – will they hurt? If you review the benefits of getting lash extensions stated above, these procedures are usually non-invasive. So, expect to feel minimal to no pain at all with these easy-to-install supplements on your eyes.

There’s no need for you to worry about open cuts or incisions since practitioners only need glue to fix your new eyelash extensions. Some procedures may involve needling machines if you want to have more natural-looking lashes. Nonetheless, they are still pain-free treatments that they can do in a matter of minutes.

Additional Helpful Response: Check with your studio if they have options of non-irritating eyelashglue they can use during your appointment. You may never know; their adhesives might have materials that can cause severe complications in your eyes. Best to inform them about such requests before you even confirm your booking.

Question # 2: What to wear?

It is also common for first-time eyelash extensions clients to forget about the general rule when getting any facial cosmetic procedure – no make-up on. So, never get hard on yourself if you happen to arrive at your studio wearing your face products. Good thing you have this guide to tell you to skip your mascara for only a day.

But if it has become your habit to wear cosmetics every time you step out of your home, then you must not worry as well. Most eyelash experts in Singapore today can remove them for you as soon as you arrive at their studio. You may need to come earlier as scheduled for them to clean your face.

Additional Helpful Response: In terms of what you should exactly wear, you should always choose your most comfortable attire to ensure your convenience while getting your eyelash extensions. You can also bring your jacket with you if it happens to get cold inside your chosen cosmetic studio.

Question # 3: How long will it take?

It is also essential that you’re aware of how much time you should allocate for your upcoming eyelash extension procedure. Apart from planning your schedule wisely, you also get to maximize your day efficiently. You may even be surprised that you can still proceed with your cosmetic treatment without filing for a day off at work!

One entire session of eyelash extensions installation in Singaporecan last between one and a half to two hours. These include your initial consultation, facial check, and actual procedure that may require you to lie down for at least an hour. It may last longer depending on the thickness or volume you want for your new lashes.

Additional Helpful Response: If you want to get your lash extensions quick, you should arrive at the studio cosmetics-free. It will also speed up the treatment if you control your liquid consumption hours before your scheduled appointment. Besides, you may never want to spend more time in the restrooms than with the professionals.

Question # 4: What to do after?

As mentioned, you can go back to your usual activities right after getting your eyelash extensions. You may even re-apply your cosmetics even before you step out of their studio! You only need to skip with your mascara as it may leave remnants on your new lashes and cause irritations on your eyes.

It is also advisable that you keep your extensions dry at least 24 hours after the procedure. It doesn’t only protect your eyes from any infection, but it also ensures your newly installed lashes are 100% secured. You can then do any activity or perform water sports you wish for after that curing time frame.

Additional Helpful Response: It will also help keep your eyelash extensionslast longer if you follow all aftercare advice from your practitioner. These include your regular lash combing, oil-free cosmetics, and routine changes like skipping your eyeliners or mascara. Some may even recommend you try supplements to nourish your lashes.

Question # 5: Are they worth it?

Above anything else, you will still question if the price you’re about to pay for your wanted lash extensions is worth it. Consider the amount you need to spend for such add-ons that usually last seven weeks at most. Never forget about your aftercare essentials that may involve serums and medications that may cost you more of your initial treatment fees.

These may again leave you questioning if your upcoming cosmetics procedures are indeed worth spending. But you must worry no more if you have all the valid reasons and answers to help you get through it. You may only need to search for the “most recommended eyelash extensions studio near me” to ensure that you’re getting your money’s value.

Additional Helpful Response: Apart from relying upon online ratings and reviews, you can also use the abovementioned answers as your criteria to find the best eyelash studio near your place. You can even combine them with the initial benefits your cosmetics partner should give you once you book an appointment with them.


How to Find the Perfect Lash Partners?

But if these details still give you a hard time finding your go-to lash studio, fret no more! Here are some helpful tips on how you can find the perfect eyelash extensions practitioners in Singapore. Use them as you begin your search as they may only be several blocks away from your place today:


  • Check their available services and see if they have other offers that will also enhance your eyelashes efficiently. These include their lash extensions, enhancement fillers, needling machines, and embroidery procedures. You may never know; you might need long-lasting treatments aside from your temporary add-ons.
  • Confirm if they only use high-quality materials and adhesives for their eyelash extensions. It may be challenging since all practitioners claim they only use grade-A products in their studios. So, better ask for documents and permits that certify theirs are the most premium ones in the market.
  • It would also be great if you only work with an experienced team of professionals for your upcoming cosmetic procedure. You can ask for their licenses or certifications that prove their expertise in providing such services. Besides, you may only want to receive your extensions from the best hands in the industry today.
  • Most importantly, only choose one that has a good reputation in the region. You can either look for review sites featuring them or check their website to find firsthand testimonials from their previous clients. Better yet, get your eyelash extensions from highly regarded lash studios like Dreamlash.

Apart from their esteemed reputation, they can also provide you with more than your needed eyelash extensions in Singapore! These include the must-have offers mentioned above, as well as a professional team of lash experts that can provide you with top-notch service and assistance. You can book an appointment with Dreamlash now using their online platform today.