Best tips for a space efficient custom closet

Living in a small apartment or house can have its own unique joys (such as reaching out to things easily, without even getting up from sofa), however small wardrobe isn’t something that many like. A poorly designed cupboard comes at the same price as the well-designed one, but even after you’re cleaned out and separated things, you are still craving for more space. When you have invested an equal amount, why settle down for a teeny tiny wardrobe?

Below are some design and organization tips helping you to squeeze an extra storage out of small cupboard. Have a word with your interior designer to get you a well-designed wardrobe, so that you get the most out of tinier space.

Only build what you require

Figure out how small or big you need your wardrobe to be, while you start the planning itself. Do not try to change the layout once you’ve decided on the space. It is always pleasing to see a big closet, but do take note that you’re going to sacrifice lot of space to build a big one, without considering what items or belongings you’re going to store.  By designing a wardrobe based on how much hanging space you’ll require, even a small room can look spacious, with sufficient room for a desk, large bed or maybe more. Spend your money wisely when you’re building a full-wall wardrobe.

Opt for flexibility

Just like real life, your wardrobe design should be such that you need to be able to adjust with space to get an efficient storage space.  For example, if the hanging rods have the same holes that support the shelf, you should be able to swap them when required. Of course, such arrangements will take up your time, but depending on the season you can choose, like rods for hanging shirts in summer season, while sweaters in shelves during winter. With professionally manufactured and designed cupboard systems, you can easily create a flexible space that changes with you as change your clothing or styles.

Choose the best combination

You need to determine the best possible combination of drawer, shelving and hanging space to get an efficient closet design. How would you arrange your belongings? Do you keep shirts folded up in drawer or would like to get on hangers? Installing too many rods is also not good, but instead you can get shelves or drawers to get a tidy feel.  Use different combination to get a less cluttered look.

Design your closet space more ergonomically so that you can locate the things easily. Recognize your space and be resourceful with layout design to ensure that you wouldn’t lose things at the back.

Have a look at the bedroom wardrobe design catalogue, with a huge range of patterns and colours on offer. It’s time to transform the look of the closet by adding fancy and decorative handles. Livspace is the leading platform for home interior, offering people with everything they require to enhance their houses from scratch to finish.