The Most Effective Pest Prevention Methods

Industrial, residential and commercial areas must be considered vulnerable to all possible parasitic agents. This is vital for the protection of the environment and health. The internal and external traffic of people and vehicles, the light and heavy handling of goods and the type of products processed means pests can strike at any time. The causes and factors can be chemical, physical or biological.

The integrity and cleanliness of the work, storage, living and sales areas can influence the activity in many ways. Dirt or poor cleaning, as well as being the cause of the arrival of any parasites, are a negative image factor. They can damage the reputation, increase the risk of sanctions by regulatory bodies and ultimately chase away current or potential customers.

Today, through social programs and online review websites, if a person notices an anomaly or becomes aware of unwanted dirt and animals, in a short time thousands of individuals can come to know that the company has a problem.

Furthermore, the lack of cleanliness and parasites cause unhealthy conditions that can threaten health and food, contaminated goods can weigh heavily on the economic balance.

If the parasites are identified in insects and rodents, it must be kept in mind that they are a vehicle of numerous harmful bacteria such as Escherichia Coli, Salmonella, Shigella, Staphylococcus, which are a potential risk to the health of customers and the staff of work.

Even the employees are emotionally damaged by this situation, there is a substantial risk of a potential loss of productivity and exposes the company to legal actions by the people possibly damaged.

Pest prevention measures

Pest prevention measures, such as regular cleaning of the rooms, constant monitoring of stored goods and in the warehouse can reduce the risk of infestation. If the situation were to manifest itself, there is a great variety of biotechnological, physical and chemical control methods available to operate an effective disinfestation.

The type and frequency of checks on the state of health of the company’s environments obviously depend on multiple factors, on the vastness of the work area, on the type of protection against existing invasive actions, on the type of raw materials processed and on the technology of production, by type, quality and quantity of goods stored in the warehouse and of course by the time of their storage.

The areas of production, storage, all equipment and machinery must be kept constantly in order and in perfect cleanliness, preparing appropriate sanitation programs with specific rules and procedures, such as the removal of coarse residues;

It is advisable to design, clearly highlight and apply, with punctuality and rigor, a detailed cleaning program that lists all the points of intervention, the products and tools to be used, the employees in charge and the frequency.

To counter possible infestations it is necessary to adopt a vast series of pest prevention measures and precautions, such as take care of the daily hygiene of the rooms and equipment, remove food and waste residues from the storage, production, sales or administration premises.

Avoid transforming the external and surrounding areas of the company into points of accumulation of disused equipment and materials.

Avoid accumulating waste and refuse, tall grass and anything else that could be the attraction and nesting of possible pests. The attention adopted must be even more assiduous and peculiar in the case in which the company operates in the food and its derivatives field.

It is easy to stabilize colonies of insects that feed on foodstuffs and contaminate them, turning them into outbreaks soon of other insects. Even rodents can be bothersome and dangerous because, in addition to conveying serious pathologies, they can gnaw cables and electric wires, causing serious damage to industrial machines.

Preventing infestation

Parasites constantly look for materials suitable for them, food and shelter, making environments always vulnerable to the spread of infestations.

The range of bothersome and potentially harmful pests is vast, some beings are rare and in any case not to be excluded, but there is a band of being more common that make their control a constant necessity to avoid a sudden and radical disinfestation as part of pest prevention measures.

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