Tips To Get Maximum Performance From Your Evaporative Cooler

In dry and humid climate areas, most homeowners are deciding to install an evaporative cooler. Evaporative coolers help to reduce the home’s temperature by drawing air into special pads. As the air passes through the pads, which are kept damp, the air’s temperature reduces. Then, the portable evaporative cooler redistributes this air into your home. While evaporative coolers work very efficiently, you might find it hard to stay cool as the temperature increases. Below are some tips to get maximum performance from your evaporative cooler.

Pick The Right Time

Evaporative coolers depend on significant temperature differences between the water, cooling pads, and the outdoor air. These factors work together to create a cooling effect efficiently. If you want the best result out of your portable evaporative cooler, run it at the warmest time of the day. Ensure you pay close attention to the humidity. If the humidity goes higher than 50%, your evaporative cooler might not work well. In such times, your ceiling fans will come in handy.

Ensure Proper Maintenance of the Cooling Pads

Your portable evaporative cooler needs cooling pads to operate smoothly. This reason is why you must well maintain the cooling pads. Ensure you keep them clean and have them replaced once every year. When you’re cleaning the evaporative cooler, make sure you get rid of any dirt that might be blocking proper airflow through the pads. Adequate maintenance of the cooling pads will ensure the maximum performance of your evaporative cooler.

Clean the Evaporative Cooler

Your evaporative cooler uses water for its operation, so it tends to get dirty real fast. If you notice your evaporative cooler not working as well anymore, it might need cleaning. Take the cooling pads out and check the portable evaporative cooler’s frame. Use a wire brush to scrub the cooling unit to eliminate any debris or scale on it. Ensure you clean your unit at least twice every year; clean before you turn it on for the year and at the season’s end. Additionally, get a professional to service the unit once every year to avoid electrical issues.

Sustain the Appropriate Water Level

If you’re really looking to maximize the performance of your evaporative cooler, you need to ensure that the cooling pad is always damp. Ensure you always keep a close eye on the water level all summer. Most evaporative coolers need about three inches of water to operate efficiently. Find out your unit’s ideal water level by checking the user manual and ensure it is always at the right level.